What to wear?

Your own style


Women and men are regularly confronted with questions about the style and image of their outfits. During this workshop we will help you to discover your individual style. Correct fit, silhouettes, colours, materials and budgets for different occasions are the subjects we examine. After completion of the workshop you will know what suits your figure and how you are communicating through the choice of colours or shapes. Also you will be able to shop with a better idea of your own personal do’s and don’ts. Bad purchases can then be avoided and will therefore save you time and money in the future.

To guarantee personal attention and quality we offer this workshop exclusively for small groups from 2 to maximal 4 persons or 1 to 1

Duration: 2 hours

Costs: after a no-obligation intake interview, we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer

Location: in consultation