Why to choose?

Your Personal Shopper


Option A

shopping with you

Shopping with a Personal Shopper can be fun but is definitely handy when you don’t really know where to go or what to buy for a job interview, a party or just for your every day business attire. Before going shopping together we will have an interview to figure out your needs, wishes and budget to enable an efficient and purposeful shopping experience. After your session you will have no doubts about your purchased outfit. A shopping session takes ± 2 hours, depending on the situation.

Option B

shopping for you (business only)

For those who don’t like shopping or who are too busy with work to have time to purchase a new suit or outfit. We will go and get it for you! During a detailed interview, we will take note of your wishes, your needs and take your measurements. With this information we will go to work. We will deliver you a selection of 2 to 5 pieces per item to choose from.

You buy what you want and the rest we will return to the shop.

Contact us for more information and a tailor made offer.